Essential Facials

Want Beautiful Skin For Life. Medik8 is an award winning global skincare brand, making only professional strength products with proven technologies. Specially designed to target skin ageing, pigmentation, redness, dryness, blemishes and dark circles. Each treatment provides an exclusively designed rejuvenating, restorative and relaxing experience. At the heart of each treatment there is a targeted, results driven focus to provide our clients with cutting edge ingredients and effective techniques to satisfy all skin types. All our Medik8 facials allow us to tailor the treatment to achieve targeted results for our clients’ specific skin needs. 

  • Essential Facials do not require any pre treatment prep
  • Most of the Essential Facials are suitable for all ages
  • Great for teenagers starting a skin routine
  • Please advise if could be or are pregnant
  • Not all facials are suitable if allergic to aspirin
  • Must wait 48 hours after having peel, dermabrasion or laser treatment
  • Advise of any allergies prior to appointment
  • Arrive to appointment wearing no make up
  • Avoid wearing make up for 12 hours before and after treatment

Express Facial | £25.00| Approx 20 mins

For those clients who like the idea of a facial but just do not have enough time. We recommend a ‘sitting up’ facial, using the essential products to leave your skin glowing in the shortest of time.

Age Defying | £45.00 | Approx 60 mins

A highly stimulating anti-ageing treatment that infuses the skin with Medik8 core ingredients: Vitamin C to protect and regenerate, Vitamin A to stimulate and correct creating a younger, brighter complexion.


Deep Hydration | £45.00 | Approx 60 mins

Restores the skins vitality and moisturises with a complete nourishing treatment.


Pore Refining | £45.00 | Approx 60 mins

Targets outbreaks and rebalances skin with a deep cleansing pore refining effect.


Redness Calming | £45.00 | Approx 60 mins

Gentle soothing treatment to calm and reduce the appearance of inflammation and redness.


Radiance Boosting | £45.00 | Approx 60 mins

Illuminating treatment to brighten the complexion and refresh an uneven skin tone.


Essential Facial with Enzyme Peel | £50.00 | Approx 70 mins

Incorporate an enzyme peel to any of the above essential facials for a superior exfoliation and skin rejuvenation boost


  • A patch test is required one week prior to an enzyme peel
  • Arrive to appointment wearing no make up
  • Always use and SPF 30 or higher
  • Do not use products containing Vitamin A or Retinol for 48 hours prior to treatment
  • Do not exfoliate, pluck, self tan or undergo facial treatments for at least 48 hours prior to treatment
  • Limit outdoor exposure
  • Avoid sunbed use
  • Apply SPF 30 or higher
  • Avoid heavy makeup for 24 hours
  • Use antioxidant products C-Tetra or C-Tetra+ Intense
  • No waxing, plucking , clay masks, self tan or facial procedures for at least 48 hours
  • No chemical exfoliants, Retinol, Vitamin A, AHA’s or BHA’s, topical steroids, for 48 hours
  • Avoid heat treatments, saunas, steam rooms, hooded hairdryers, hot bath and showers for 48 hours
  • Keep skin hydrated with Hydr8 B5 and Ultimate Recovery
  • Make sure to book in for a follow up treatment

Our hands on facial treatments concentrate on Medik8’s core anti-ageing philosophy to effectively fight against the signs of ageing CSA (Vitamin C, Sunscreen, Vitamin A)

Using the most powerful molecules: Vitamin C plus Sunscreen by day and Vitamin A by night, to protect and regenerate. Vitamin C is essential for the morning routine, fighting free radicals to help prevent fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and uneven pigmentation. Vitamin C can plump and firm the complexion while improving the overall look and luminosity.

Experts in Vitamin A, this powerful molecule doesn’t just resurface the skin, it helps to combat fine lines and wrinkles, visibly reduces blemishes and promotes a brighter, more even-toned complexion. With advanced time-release technology ensuring Vitamin A is delivered in small doses throughout the night that will not overwhelm the skin.

Medik8 facials are  designed to tackle the signs of ageing whether the cause be due to naturally gene enhanced, lifestyle choices, or prolonged exposure to UV. 

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