Men's Tanning

Offering the most excellent in tanning solutions ideal for all skin tones. Our range provides different levels of strength, colour and development times. Depending on clients desired result our tans can be rinsed off from 30 minutes to 8 hours after spray application. Harnessing naturally derived and ethically sourced ingredients, our range works to create nourished skin and an all over glow.

  • Men are required to wear full underwear
  • A patch test is advised 24 hours prior if client has sensitive skin
  • To achieve the best out of your tan, follow the before and after treatment guidelines
  • Always use an SPF of 30 and above when exposed to sunlight, artificial tans do not contain any sun protection
  • Choose between waist up or waist down for half tan

Spray Tan | Full Body £18.00  | Approx 15 mins


Spray Tan | Half Body £15.00  | Approx 15 mins


  • To ensure the best result from your spray tanning treatment we advise the following preparations
  • Wax or shave 24 hours before spray tan
  • Shower and exfoliate whole body using Moroccan Primer, focusing on the knees and elbows, this removes dead skin cells and other product residue
  • Use a Tan Erase Mitt to remove remains of tan
  • Do not apply body moisturiser or body oil to the skin
  • Do not wear deodorant or perfumes
  • Wear loose dark clothing
  • Do not wear tight trousers such as leggings or jeans
  • Do not wear full footwear such as boots, we recommend open shoes such as flip flops
  • To ensure the best result from your spray tanning treatment we advised to carry out the following aftercare
  • Do not touch your body while the tan is drying
  • Dependent on what tan has been applied and the depth of tan required your therapist will advise on how long the spray tan should be left on for before showering
  • After the waiting period, shower using warm water ONLY, do not use body wash and do not wash your hair
  • Pat dry with towel
  • Avoid any physical activities and exercising for 24 hours
  • Only once tan has fully developed can you apply deodorant
  • Only once tan has fully developed can hair be washed and moisturiser applied
  • Avoid chlorinated swimming pools, long baths and salt water
  • Moisturise daily with Moroccan Glow

Using the best tanning brands, Moroccan Tan and Xen Tan, we are able to provide the ideal tan for all occasions, skin tones and time restrictions.

Whether you need an overnight tan that develops in 8 hours or a quick wash off within 30 minutes of application we have the tan for you.

The variation of time and tan strengths allows us to achieve your desired look. Following our before and after guidelines we have no doubt you will love with your tan. We ensure you feel comfortable during the tanning process, lets face it no one likes being that exposed.

We pride ourselves on privacy and confidentiality. As part of the service a barrier cream is applied onto dry body areas such as hands and elbows, you will be left to change and apply our sticky feet and hairnet.

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