Our hand and nail treatments are ideal for those unable to wear Gel Polish, yet still want their nails to look good. Whether it’s a file, polish and cuticle tidy or a more relaxing manicure with exfoliation and hand mask, we have the treatment for you with a range of stunning nail polishes to choose from.

  • Please advise of any allergies prior to booking
  • Extra charges will apply for removal of gel polish not previously applied by Love Beauty. Removal will need to be agreed prior to appointment
  • Please be aware extra charges do apply to repair chipped or damaged nails
  • Please advise if nail repairs are required prior to treatment
  • Allow for nail drying time

File & Polish with cuticle work | £15.00 | Approx 30 mins


Manicure | £22.00 | Approx 45 – 60 mins


Add IBX | £5.00 | Approx 5 mins


Gel Repair (Per Nail)  | £3.00 | Approx 15 mins


Children File and Polish (Under 16)  | £8.00 | Approx 15 mins

Children must be accompanied by an adult

  • Prior to appointment please advise if gel polish needs to be removed when not originally applied by Love Beauty
  • Ensure nails are clean
  • Avoid applying hand, medical or steroid cream around the finger and fingernail area
  • Do not pick around the nail, cuticle area or skin as this may cause discomfort during treatment
  • Apply Nourish Cuticle Oil twice a day to enable hydration and conditioning of natural nail plate
  • Wear gloves when washing up, gardening or applying fake tan
  • Avoid SPF products, tinted lotions and hair colouring on your nails as these can cause discolouration
  • Be careful not to stain nails with coloured products or food
  • Do not use nails to pick off labels
  • Avoid exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach, acetone and nail polish removers

File and polish treatment includes tidy of cuticle area, nail file, hydrating hand cream, finishing with one of our many nail polish colours

Manicure treatment includes a file and polish, cuticle work, hand exfoliation, deep hydrating mask, moisturising hand cream, finished with a polish of your choosing.

Be assured of our high hygiene standards

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